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Augmented Go

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What is AugmentedGo?

Think of it as a kind of recording/capturing software for a real-world game of go.
It recognizes every move you do on a go board with a stationary webcam (or whatever you choose) and keeps track of these moves on a virtual board. The software internally models the rules of the game, therefore illegal moves will be reported on the virtual board. You can also save your game as the standard Smart Game Format (SGF) to archive your game records.


There are some constraints for the setup if you want to run it flawlessly.

Working and tested components

Recommendations for the setup

It is possible to get the program to run on a different setup but these aren't officially supported. Just try it!

Virtual Game

You can also play a completely virtual game without a webcam. Either start a new game with a 19x19 board or continue a game that you captured with the webcam.
Just hover over the virtual board and klick where you want to play your move!

Supported Platforms

Developement targets primarily the Windows OS, specifically Windows 7.
We use platform independent libraries and the cmake build system, so other platforms should be okay too. But there currently isn't any motivation to build the program on other platforms though.